Hass avocados are grown and harvested during August to November and supplied to the local and interstate market. The "Hass" variety of avocado is the most common. It produces fruit year-round and accounts for around 80% of cultivated avocados in the world. It is a large-sized fruit, often weighing 200-300 grams and when ripe, the skin becomes a dark purplish, black colour.

A cross between broccoli and Chinese kale, Broccolini® baby broccoli combines an asparagus-like stem with tiny buds reminiscent of a mini broccoli head. Broccolini® baby broccoli is an entirely edible, no-waste vegie which can eaten from tip to stem. Ultimately versatile, it suits all cuisine styles.

CHARD Chard is a leafy green vegetable often used in Mediterranean cooking. In the Flavescens-Group-cultivars, the leaf stalks are large and are often prepared separately from the leaf blade. The leaf blade can be green or reddish in color; the leaf stalks also vary in color, usually white, yellow, or red. Chard has highly nutritious leaves making it a popular addition to healthful diets.

Red Beetroot Leaf.
A unique red beetroot leaf for warm season harvest. True Blood holds a deep red leaf colour even in warm conditions when the traditional Bulls Blood tends to go green. Adds a vibrant red colour to salad mixes with a nice beetroot flavour..

Grape Vine Rootlings
Cuttings from grape vines of various varieties are grown in a nursery environment for 10 months then harvested and packaged for the wine industry plantings

Quality Accommodation
We have 16 single bedrooms with shower/toilet, 12 single bedrooms and 3 two bed rooms. plus large communal kitchen, dining area, TV/Lounge area. Cable TV and free Wi-Fi is supplied. A mini artificial turf soccer field and basketball hoop are also available. Clothes washing facilities also available.